Pioneering the Future of Strapping

Shanghai Zili Strapping Co., Ltd

Shanghai Zili Strapping Co., Ltd, originated from Shanghai Zili Plastic Products Co., Ltd, was founded in 2019, specializing in the R&D and production of PET as well as PP strapping. After building three factories successively in Shanghai Jiading District, Jiangsu Kunshan and Malaysia, in 2020, the company invested more than 70 million USD in Shanghai Jinshan district, a new 85,000㎡ modern factory constructed, 30 international level strapping production lines put into use...


Zili, with 30 strapping lines, 6 granule lines, and 2 high-viscosity granule lines, produces vast amounts annually: thousands of tons of strapping, 150,000 tons of PET granules, and 120,000 tons of high- viscosity granules, ensuring efficiency and comprehensive solutions for diverse industries.

In the face of the ever-changing packaging needs in the market, Zili always innovates and integrates high-quality resources in the industry. We design and provide packaged solutions for our customers to adapt to multiple scenarios, ensuring that every step of the business operation can be more efficient and smooth to meet your comprehensive needs.


Zili has always been committed to environmentally friendly production to create a greener and more sustainable future for the planet. We work with 150 strapping recycling stations within 800 km of Shanghai, and have a recycled plastic particle processing plant in Malaysia, recycling up to 200,000 tonnes a year. We are well aware of our global environmental responsibility and are determined to be a responsible corporate citizen.